SIGRAFIL C chopped carbon fiber

SIGRAFIL® Short Carbon Fibers

The mechanical properties of SIGRAFIL® short carbon fibers are optimized to offer excellent physical handling and process feed properties.

SIGRAFIL® chopped carbon fibers

In its precision-cut staple form, SIGRAFIL® is a superior free-flowing material suitable for low- and high-temperature thermoplastic injection molding processes. It is also an excellent way of making plastics or other non-conductive bulk materials electrically conductive, e.g. adhesives, resin systems, and speciality paper. Further important uses include fuel cells, cement reinforcement, and applications where enhanced chemical resistance is needed.

SIGRAFIL® milled carbon fibers

Milled SIGRAFIL® is excellent for making materials electrically conductive. Typical applications include powders, dry mixtures, adhesives, floorings, aqueous adhesive systems, and all aqueous mixing processes. The milled carbon fibers can also be added to thermoplastic injection molding compounds.

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