Unique Material Properties
open up a wide Variety of Applications

Innovative materials

SIGRASIC® products derive their extraordinary properties from C/SiC, a composite material that combines carbon fibers within a ceramic matrix to maximise material properties. Carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide C/SiC is manufactured at SGL Carbon GmbH by infiltrating carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (CC) with silicon. The fiber-reinforcing materials used are short and long carbon fibers, woven carbon fabrics, felts, etc. Outstanding features are:

  • High fracture toughness
  • Low density
  • Low wear rates
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional hardness
  • High thermal stability


By suitable adjustment of material and process parameters, the product characteristics can be varied and optimized to match the intended use of the SIGRASIC® component.

The carbon fiber-reinforcement used in SIGRASIC® components results in a pseudo-ductile fracture behaviour of the hard SiC ceramic when subjected to overstressing. This makes for the damage-tolerance behaviour of C/SiC.


Because of the high stability against tear and wear, the high mechanical strength, the impressive temperature and thermal shock stability and the low coefficient of thermal expansion SIGRASIC® is an excellent alternative to conventional materials.

SIGRASIC® products help extend the service life of structural units and reduce operating expenses. They are suitable for industrial applications such as:

  • Structural components shaped to close geometric tolerances
  • Components for high-temperature applications
  • Components for chemical process equipment
  • Structural components for aerospace technology
  • Components for semiconductor technology
  • Oxidation- and thermal shock-resistant components for the glass-processing industry

SIGRASIC® allows high-performance ceramics to be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and complex geometric designs.

Discussing your own possible uses

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be glad to advise you on ways to improve the performance of your own products and systems by using C/SiC. Our technical staff will provide detailed information and help you choose SIGRASIC® materials best suited to your particular requirements.

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