POLYFLURON® Process Equipment and Vessels
for Mass Transfer, Reactions and Storage

We supply large-capacity steel components such as columns, reactors, and vessels with a POLYFLURON® lining. We also offer service lining of steel vessels of wide-ranging sizes for you.

Metal components with POLYFLURON® lining

Our POLYFLURON®-lined process equipment and vessels not only offer the mechanical strength of the metal but also have virtually unlimited corrosion resistance and high thermal stability. This makes them universally usable.

For example, POLYFLURON®-lined equipments are even suitable for highly penetrating corrosive media such as hydrogen chloride (HCl) or hydrogen fluoride (HF). This is due to the relatively low diffusion rate and special venting of the gaseous permeate. In operation, our POLYFLURON®-lined equipments ensure high plant availability and process safety:

  • Long service life under material-compliant operation
  • Minimization of component damage from corrosion and thermal shock
  • No long downtime or production outages
  • High operational safety and reliability
  • Flexible use of production plants (product changeovers)

POLYFLURON® linings for steel vessels

For vessel cylinders, connections, covers, and bottom plates, we supply corrosion-resistant, thermally stable POLYFLURON® liners and also provide a lining service. Depending on diameter, the lining may be seamless or welded. In the case of welded linings, the welding technologies developed by us guarantee high tensile strength and elongation at break in the weld zone.

We weld nozzle linings to the cylinder lining to form a integral unit or flange them via block connections. Internals are fitted via support rings that are bolted to the upper section. This special design allows dismantling without the need to remove the packing above or the distributor Vessel cover linings can either be flat or conical. In addition to flat bottom or top plates, we can also line dished bottoms and top parts on request. 

Overview of the most important lining data:

  • Liner thickness: from 4 to 8mm, depending on the requirements
  • Diameter: up to DN 3000 and beyond
  • Section length: up to 3.5 m; longer section lengths are possible via welding technologies depending on the operation conditions
  • Maximum service pressures: partial vacuum to -0,7 bar with antivacuum system or full vacuum with support structure; overpressure to about 16 bar gauge
  • Maximum service temperature: up to 250 °C
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