POLYFLURON® Piping Systems

Based on over 60 years experience and with more than 1,000 reference customers, we supply a comprehensive range of POLYFLURON® lined piping systems. Main field of use is the transport of corrosive media, e.g. in the chemical industry. We offer our piping systems with two different POLYFLURON® lining thicknesses:

  • Standard: For transporting corrosive media at moderate pressures and temperatures. This thickness meets the chemical industry standard for paste-extruded PTFE linings.
  • Heavy duty: Especially thick-walled lining for applications involving exposure to highly permeating media and high pressures and temperatures.

POLYFLURON® piping system range

  • Nominal diameter: from DN 25 to DN 600 (DN 1 to DN 24”), seamless, larger nominal diameter on request.
  • Length: from 100 to 6,000 mm, depending on nominal diameter. Standard lengths are 100mm, 250mm, 500mm, 1,000mm, 2,000mm, 3,000mm.
  • Pressure loading: 10 bar (1 MPa; pressure rating PN 10); higher pressure ratings are possible.
  • Vacuum: full vacuum (-1 barg) for nominal diameters up to DN 100 (DN 4”) and temperatures up to 150°C (302°F). Vacuum resistance for larger nominal diameters and higher temperatures on request.
  • Conductivity: either as specified in DIN 2874 (POLYFLURON® white) or conductive lining containing graphite (POLYFLURON® antistatic black with discharge resistance
    ≤ 108 Ω and surface resistance ≤ 109 Ω), available for all nominal diameters and wall thicknesses.
  • Temperature: from -10 to +200°C (+14 to +392°F); suitability for lower temperatures can be reached by the combination of POLYFLURON® with specialty steel materials.

Supplementary products

  • Antistatic (electrical conductive) lining for all components
  • Stainless steels and low-temperature steels with POLYFLURON® linings
  • 3D piping shapes
  • Vent nozzles with optional extensions
  • Grounding lugs / grounding bolts
  • Flared pipes
  • Insulating clips
  • Special components
  • Specialty paintings
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