POLYFLURON® Dip Pipes, Inlet Pipes,
and Supplementary Components

POLYFLURON®-lined dip and inlet pipes are steel pipes that we line on both sides with our highly chemical-resistant POLYFLURON®. The minimum liner thickness is 3 mm. So POLYFLURON®-lined pipes offer an all-round robust alternative to pipes made from other materials. We supply the dip pipes as standard with a vent hole at the top end of the pipe (outside the reaction chamber) to take away any permeating media.


Because of their universal corrosion resistance, POLYFLURON®-lined dip and inlet pipes are suitable for feeding gases and liquids  as drip nozzles or protective pipes. They are used in reaction vessels (storage tanks, etc.) and columns made from a wide variety of materials, e.g. from steel/ POLYFLURON® or enameled steel. Up to a nominal diameter of DN 100 (DN 4”), our dip and inlet pipes are fully vacuum-resistant. The use of larger-diameter pipes under vacuum is depending on temperature.

Designed to individual requirements

Besides the standard design, we supply POLYFLURON®-lined dip and inlet pipes in application-optimized variants:

  • Nominal diameter from DN 25 to DN 600 (DN 1” to DN 24”)
  • Antistatic surrounding linings (discharge resistance 108 Ω, surface resistance 109 Ω)
  • Reinforced design, e.g. for agitated vessels
  • Curved or single-part design without any weldline
  • Beveled ends or different pipe end-pieces
  • Vent nozzle or vacuum connection instead of the vent hole
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