POLYFLURON® for Multiple Applications

Proven, reliable POLYFLURON® applications have long been established in chemical plant construction, where the material is used, among other things, for lining corrosion-sensitive components. POLYFLURON® is also employed in many other industries, for example as a highly effective plastic insulator in electrical equipment, in bellows for applications requiring very high flexural fatigue strength or when extremely high product purity is needed.

In chemical plants, the possible consequences of corrosion range from leaks and emissions to inefficient processes and production outages. In short, corrosion has a high risk potential for employees and the environment and can result in immense costs. 

POLYFLURON® components guarantee safe, reliable plant operation. POLYFLURON® pipelines, vessels, and columns offer demonstrably high corrosion protection and are largely insensitive to chemical, mechanical, and thermal stresses. Our POLYFLURON® bellows and hoses have high flexural fatigue strength and pressure resistance, so protecting plants from premature failure, extending maintenance intervals, and cutting operating costs.

Typical applications for POLYFLURON® pipelines, vessels, columns, and bellows include:

  • Hydrogen chloride synthesis from chlorine gas and hydrogen gas
  • Absorption of hydrogen chloride gas
  • Chlorine gas production from sodium chloride
  • Desorption and extractive distillation of hydrochloric acid
  • Destruction of CFCs
  • Titanium dioxide production by the chloride or sulfate process
  • Production of monochloroacetic acid, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen sulfide, and halogens
  • Sulfuric acid concentration and dilution

Besides more comprehensive chemical resistance, POLYFLURON® offers corrosion protection over a wide temperature range. It is also free from additives and low-molecular-weight constituents. No substances that could contaminate high-purity process media are detectable in extraction tests. 

POLYFLURON® is also cost-efficient. In comparison with special metals or alloys, the material provides more economical solutions. In addition, POLYFLURON® systems increase process stability, extend plant lifetime, and reduce maintenance requirements. So in this way they help cut total cost of ownership significantly.

Typical applications of POLYFLURON®:

  • Components coming into contact with media that can initiate stress cracking, such as fluorosurfactants
  • Pipelines, bellows, and columns handling high-purity sulfuric acid
  • Components with extremely low permeability to hydrogen chloride
  • Protection from ionic and metallic contamination, including by ozonized liquids

POLYFLURON® has the most comprehensive chemical resistance and is suitable for universal corrosion protection in multi-purpose plants with frequent media changes. Biofilms or other surface layers and adhesions cannot form on the very smooth surface. This eliminates the need for passivation and electropolishing, so enabling POLYFLURON® to provide less costly, more economical solutions than special metals. POLYFLURON® systems are also easy and quick to clean.

POLYFLURON® systems guarantee products of the highest purity and quality. They are free from additives and low-molecular-weight constituents. No substances that could contaminate high-purity process media are detectable in extraction tests. So the material is biocompatible, complies with EU and FDA food contact regulations, and is also approved for use in contact with drinking water. For applications involving low-conductivity media, we supply antistatic POLYFLURON® grades to prevent electrostatic charging and sparking.

Typical applications of POLYFLURON®:

  • Handling high-purity acids (electronic grade), such as HCI, HNO3 or H2SO4
  • Phosphoric acid cleaning (food grade)
  • Cleaning natural product extracts such as ethereal oils
  • Dehydration of alcohols by extractive or azeotropic distillation
  • Recovery of organic solvents such as DMF, NMP, phenol or pyridine by extraction
  • UV-resistant components

For inaccessible processes that require the very highest reliability, POLYFLURON® is an ideal component material, thanks to its mechanical endurance, unlimited weathering stability, and high chemical resistance, even to aggressive chemicals up to temperatures of 250°C.

POLYFLURON® bellows are also used in applications where the main concern is not chemical resistance but, for example, to relieve stresses in shock- and impact-sensitive components made from glass fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), enamel or glass. Because of their UV resistance, POLYFLURON® bellows are also suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Typical applications of POLYFLURON®

  • Pipelines, vessels, and bellows for pickling plants, e.g. for cleaning pickling acids
  • Components in flue gas purification plants
  • Pipelines and bellows for hydraulic systems and oil circuits, e.g. for mining machinery
  • Bellows for FRP and enameled components
  • Corrosion-proof components in offshore power plants and oil production facilities
  • Upgrading mixed acids from nitriding processes
  • Phosphoric acid digestion with sulfuric acid
  • Sulfuric acid digestion in copper mining
  • Drying sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride with sulfuric acid
  • Hydrometallurgical production of cobalt
  • Magnesium production from magnesium chloride

POLYFLURON® has excellent insulating properties, particularly in the high frequency range. The material has the lowest relative permittivity of all solid polymers and this value is largely independent of frequency and moisture. In addition, the exceptionally high volume and surface resistivity of POLYFLURON® remain unchanged, even under extreme conditions, because contaminant adhesion and material aging are virtually excluded, even at high temperature.

Typical applications of POLYFLURON®:

  • Hoses in power station circuit breakers
  • Components in generator cooling systems
  • Corrosion-proof components in offshore power plants and oil/gas production facilities
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