Core Bricks Made of Graphite for Nuclear Applications

With more than 50 years of international experience to draw on, SGL Group is a competent supplier of nuclear reactor core material.

The wide range of production methods from isostatically pressed to extruded and vibration-moulded graphite grades gives the SGL Group a unique portfolio to match every customer’s core design.

The graphite grades supplied by SGL Group (NBG-10, NBG-17, NBG-18 and NBG-25) are based on raw materials with nuclear track record and have been developed to display highest strength, yet with reduced brittleness, highest isotropy as well as highest thermal conductivity.

SGL Group's long standing experience in part design supports the customers in optimizing their design to make it fit for graphite and to take full advantage of our graphite billets and rounds.

To fulfil the special requirements on finished parts, the SGL Group is using state-of-the-art technology for its machining work in order to meet the high quality both for precision and purity.


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