Products for silicon epitaxy
in the semiconductor and LED industries:

Barrel susceptors, pancake susceptors and single wafer susceptors

SIGRAFINE® susceptors for epitaxy reactors

Before becoming a finished semiconductor product, a wafer passes through numerous steps. One increasingly important process is silicon epitaxy, in which the wafers are carried on graphite susceptors. The properties and quality of the susceptors have a crucial effect on the quality of the end product.

Our SiC coated graphite susceptors offer the particular advantages of extremely high purity, homogeneous coating, and an excellent service life. In addition, they have high chemical resistance and thermal stability. The SiC coating is applied homogeneously to very close tolerances. High-precision machining ensures a uniform susceptor profile. For inductively heated systems, we also produce material with optimum electrical resistance. The finished components are supplied with a purity and dimensional compliance certificate.

SGL Group supplies susceptors and graphite components for all current epitaxy reactors. Our portfolio includes barrel susceptors for applied and LPE units, pancake susceptors for LPE, CSD, and Gemini units, and single-wafer susceptors for applied and ASM units. All our susceptors are produced from high-strength isostatic graphite. In addition, we manufacture components for ion implantation from specially suitable high-purity isostatic graphite.

Thanks to our exhaustive quality controls, we offer our customers top-quality products that are fully traceable. We are also continually developing our materials and products further in close collaboration with manufacturers and operators of epitaxy units.

Application-specific specialty graphites for silicon epitaxy

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