Products for polysilicon production
in the semiconductor and LED industries:

Reactors, polychucks, gas distributors, heating elements, heat shields and insulating cylinders

SIGRAFINE® meander heater for CZ unitsSIGRAFINE® electrodes (polychucks) for Siemens reactors

In Siemens reactors and STC-TCS converters for recycling process gases, temperatures up to 1000°C, and a highly corrosive environment prevail. Our graphite components perform impressively well here because they are extremely resistant to heat and corrosion.

For many years now, we have been supplying polysilicon manufacturers with a range of plant components. These include cleaned electrodes for polysilicon separation, heaters, gas ducts for STC-TCS converters, and heat shields and thermal insulation components.

Our experts select the best materials for the specific requirements and operating conditions and manufacture tailored products from them. With our newly developed shaping and connecting solutions, for example, we can supply converter insulation in virtually any length and diameter. To increase the service life of highly stressed components – like those in converters – we offer special silicon carbide (SiC) coatings.

Application-specific specialty graphites for polysilicon production

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