Products for growing semiconductor
and sapphire single crystals:

Crucibles, heaters, heat shields, reflectors and insulation

Graphite components for CZ unitsSupport crucible made from SIGRABOND® C/C

Whichever process is used for growing single crystals (HEM for sapphire, CZ for silicon or PVT for SiC), it always operates at very high temperatures in an aggressive environment. To meet these challenges, the high-temperature zone (“hot zone”) in the furnace consists almost entirely of heat- and corrosion resistant graphite components.

SGL Group produces all graphite components for crystal growing units of every kind – either individually or as a set.

These include heaters, crucibles, reflectors, and heat shields made from high-strength, homogeneous fine grain graphite or carbon fiber-reinforced carbon, as well as insulating components produced from graphite felts. We select the best materials in the highest purity (ash value <5 ppm) to suit the particular type of crystal growing unit. To extend the service life of highly stressed components, we supply special SiC coatings. For these, we usually use the specially suitable isostatic graphites R6510 and R6810.

Application-specific specialty graphites for crystal growing units

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