Specialty Graphites for Mechanical Engineering

We support mechanical engineering companies all over the world with value-adding specified products. Our innovative specialty graphite products and solutions make us a sought-after partner of leading companies, especially for small production runs and one-off custom products – and more.

Our products are highly resistant to heat and corrosion and help keep gases and liquids in motion, even under the toughest conditions. We also offer a wide-ranging portfolio of finished and semi-finished products for vacuum technology – for a wide variety of fields ranging from the food product industry and medical technology to pick-and-place applications in general.

SIGRAFINE® rotors pressed using PTS technology

Vacuum technology is used in manufacturing processes in many sectors of industry: chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the printing and paper industry, food packaging, coatings and pick-and-place applications, to name a few. Thanks to vacuum technology, environmentally harmful processes can often be replaced by environmentally friendly methods, such as the use of oil-free evacuation in sensitive environments.

Our materials contribute to greater energy efficiency of processes in many different situations. They are also distinguished by their high chemical resistance and long service life. We make rotors and vanes from pitch and synthetic resin-bonded materials.

Application-specific products for dry-running compressors and vacuum pumps

SIGRAFINE® seal ring made of carbon graphite

SIGRAFLEX® ECONOMY sealing sheets

Mechanical seals are the most widespread sealing system for shaft seals under great pressure. Their lower leakage, friction and wear set them apart from gland seal packages. This reduces maintenance work for the end customer.

Mechanical seals are highly versatile and are used in applications ranging from pumps and centrifuges to agitators and mixers.

Sealing elements made of carbon and graphite materials offer the following advantages which prove their value in practice:

  • High energy efficiency thanks to good dry-running properties in tribological systems
  • Full performance even when subjected to extreme temperatures, high pressures and aggressive substances

Our seal rings increase the process and product reliability of your applications. We will be glad to assist you in selecting suitable materials.

Material suitability for specific applications

SIGRAFINE® cup and ball bearings

SIGRAFINE® steam joints

There are many more mechanical engineering applications which can benefit from carbon and graphite components, ranging from textile machines and cooking ovens to belt chain conveyors. We offer scores of products to aid our customers in their work, including sliding rails, motion control rings, bearings and semi-finished products.

Material suitability for specific applications

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