Specialty graphite electrode for electrical discharge machining (EDM)

Specialty Graphites for Electrical Discharge Machining

Specialty graphite electrodes are becoming increasingly important in electrical discharge machining (EDM) when very high precision and advanced design are required. With our innovative products and material solutions we are the partner of choice to leading companies.

Graphite is being widely used for electrical discharge machining in production and mold making because it offers key advantages:

  • Time and cost saving thanks to low wear
  • Less complex milling tools and easier machining
  • Exceptionally suitable for filigree geometries and high-quality surface finishes (micromachining)
  • Insensitivity of the electrode and component to the effect of heat
Detail electrode for precise geometries for electrical discharge machining (edm)

Detail electrode in SIGRAFINE® R8650 for precise geometries

Our isostatically pressed SIGRAFINE fine-grain graphites are appreciated for their outstanding properties in EDM processes. They permit high material removal rates with low electrode wear and have high flexural strength at elevated temperatures.

By selecting the most suitable material, even the highest surface finish requirements can be easily fulfilled. We have long-standing EDM expertise and know what is important. With our wide range of materials and technical support, we can help OEMs and end users achieve the best results.

Achievable surface roughness depths with our SIGRAFINE® fine-grain graphites

SIGRAFINE® is the new brand name for our fine-grain graphites, previously known under the names RINGSDORFF®, SIGRAFORM®, SIGRAMENT® and CRYSTA-SIL®.

SIGRAFINE® EDM graphites

Thermal expansion testing of graphite for electrical discharge machining

Thermal expansion testing

To ensure consistent quality, every stage of our production process is strictly monitored. Every block is tested and documented. The measures range from meticulous incoming goods checks and raw material tests to continuous monitoring of process parameters and destructive analysis of samples taken from each individual block leaving the production process. In addition, clear identification marks make every product fully traceable back through every stage of the production process.

All test laboratory work, such as comparative measurement, is offered to our customers as an independent service. Please contact us.

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