Products for gaskets in the automotive industry:

Seal rings, graphite foils and graphite powder

Cooling water pump with SIGRAFINE® carbon
seal ring and mechanical seal

Gaskets and seals are a major factor when it comes to safety, good driving performance and low emissions values. We have been known as a dependable partner in this field for years.

Our customers value our products’ excellent low-friction properties and outstanding resistance to wear and extreme temperatures. In particular, our SIGRAFLEX APX2 expanded graphite foil is the first choice in high-temperature applications. No other industrial graphite foil on the market exhibits a comparable level of oxidation resistance.

Material suitability for specific gasket applications

SIGRAFLEX® APX2 products

Our SIGRAFLEX APX2 flexible graphite was developed for the rigorous demand of gasoline and diesel exhaust systems. It is currently being used in a wide range of sealing applications including exhaust gasket rings, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) gaskets, exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipe gaskets, and diesel particulate traps.

Thanks to its enhanced properties, SIGRAFLEX APX2 flexible graphite is used to meet the increasing temperatures and strict environmental requirements on exhaust systems. It has very little weight loss due to oxidations, even under high temperatures. Our proprietary oxidation Inhibitor and production process allows the inhibitor to be incorporated into the structure of the graphite foil, fully optimizing the oxidation resistance behavior.

Our materials for the automotive industry

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