Products for fuel and water pumps
in the automotive industry:

Bearings, seal rings and commutator discs

SIGRAFINE® bearings made of carbon graphite

Water and fuel supply within the vehicle must function reliably, safely and only if required. Extended resistance to media is of utmost importance especially with regards to modern fuels.

Our carbon and graphite products have exhibited exceptional process reliability in applications for water and fuel pumps. Our quality certifications (such as ISO TS16949) have documented this for years. Another beneficial factor is the pressed to size technology (PTS), which is of considerable advantage to our customers in terms of time and costs. We are able to press parts with an outer diameter of max. 80 mm (3.15") nearly 100% to match their final form, which minimizes - or completely eliminates - follow-up machining work. Near-net-shape pressing pays off with production runs starting at just 2500.

Material suitability for specific pump applications

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