SIGRAFINE® graphite carrier boats for solar wafers

Products for the antireflexion coating
of solar wafers in PECVD units:

Graphite boats and wafer carriers

SIGRAFINE graphite carrier boats and SIGRABOND C/C CFRC carrier frame for solar wafers for PECVD antireflexion coating

SIGRAFINE® graphite carrier boats for solar wafers
SIGRABOND® C/C carrier frame for solar wafers

In PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) units, the exact positioning of the solar wafers is crucial. Only in this way optimum coating results can be achieved – to produce solar cells with the highest possible yield. We support our customers in this with precision-made carrier systems made from dimensionally stable specialty graphites.

SGL Group supplies both solid graphite boats made from high-purity isostatic graphite and wafer carriers made from carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (C/C) in all current sizes. Our specially developed material SIGRABOND Performance offers particular advantages here. Because of its extremely high rigidity and very light weight, it allows very slender and efficient wafer carriers to be produced.

Application-specific specialty graphites for PECVD units

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