SIGRATHERM® MFA graphite rigid felt sheet for block casting of multi-crystalline silicon

Products for the production of multi-crystalline silicon blocks in the photovoltaic industry:

Heaters, base plates, side/bottom plates, cover plates, insulation and fastening elements

SIGRATHERM® MFA graphite rigid felt sheet and SIGRABOND® Performance C/C CFRC sheets for the production of multi-crystalline silicon blocks

SIGRATHERM® MFA graphite rigid felt sheet
SIGRABOND® Performance C/C sheets

The block casting process, also known as the DSS (directional solidification system) or VGF (vertical gradient freeze) process, now produces most of the wafers processed in the PV industry. For efficient manufacture of ever larger silicon blocks, the demands on graphite components in the “hot zone” are continually increasing. The important factors are the available dimensions, high strength and corrosion resistance, optimum thermal conductivity, and high material purity. Our products meet all these requirements.

For DSS furnaces, we supply a complete range of graphite components, either individually or as a set. The heater and bottom and side plates are produced from fine grain graphite, thermal insulating plates from graphite rigid felts, and crucible cover plates and fastening elements from carbon fiber-reinforced carbon.

Our customers benefit from high material quality, our wide portfolio based on our own semi-finished product manufacture, and the large range of sizes available. For example, our large rigid felt insulating plates (1524 x 1210 mm) make it possible to achieve much better sheet utilization.

Application-specific specialty graphites for multi-crystalline casting in DSS/VGF units

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