Products made from graphite for thermal management

Graphite and carbon can play an important role in thermal management applications due to their high thermal conductivity, which can exceed the performance of aluminum and elastomers by far. Also, graphite can support both dissipation of heat or cold as well as applications where thermal energy is stored for later use.

SGL Group offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions for thermal management applications providing a benefit to our customer’s product.

Due to its outstanding properties graphite is increasingly used in thermal management applications offering crucial advantages:

  • Excellent in-plane electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Low density
  • Non-flammable (test result of MPA Braunschweig of fire behavior of lightweight graphite boards made by SGL Group: A2-s1, d0)
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • Softness and compressibility
  • Resistance to aging
  • Physiological inertness

Thermal conductivity of expanded graphite

The expansion process greatly enlarges the surface area of natural graphite. This in turn significantly reduces the material’s density without affecting its excellent inherent conductivity. Owing to the graphite’s hexagonal lattice structure, its conductivity is anisotropic, i.e. it has a high degree of directional dependence.

Depending on the product’s density, high-density SIGRATHERM® sheets and foils may display in-plane conductivity values exceeding those of aluminum or even copper. At the same time, their conductivity perpendicular to the plane is rather low which allows for an even and rapid heat distribution across the surface.

Typical thermal conductivity data of different materials

As a reliable supplier and partner to our customers, we offer optimum solutions to any thermal management application:

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