Specialty Graphites for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Innovative specialty graphite solutions are indispensible for the intricate processes in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our expertise in materials and applications and the wide range of products and services we offer make us a sought after partner of leading companies.

The consistently high quality of our materials and products increases the reliability and service life of plants and systems and minimizes fugitive emissions and downtime, thus reducing the total costs of operation. In addition, we assist companies and their customers as well as operators of plants in continuously optimizing their processes and results. This includes compliance with statutory requirements, such as the TA-Luft (Technical Guidelines on Air Quality Control) and SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) and stricter limit values for fugitive emissions. Our SIGRAFLEX sealing materials pass these requirements with the greatest of ease.


SIGRAFLEX® HOCHDRUCK sheets and gaskets

Our SIGRAFLEX products made of expanded flexible graphite have proven their long-term reliability under extreme operating conditions over the course of many years. Therefore, leading companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pulp and paper industries as well as power plant operators rely on the superior quality of our sealing products and utilize them successfully.

SIGRAFLEX is resistant to most chemical media and sets itself apart from other asbestos substitutes thanks to the long-term stability of its sealing properties – even at temperatures of up to approximately 550°C (1022°F).

Our SIGRAFLEX product portfolio is one of the largest on the market. Our materials meet virtually all technical requirements of the international chemical and petrochemical industries. Seals made of SIGRAFLEX foil and reinforced sheets offer major advantages:

  • Higher long-term sealing standards
  • Enhanced process reliability and material dependability
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for fugitive emission levels
  • Lower maintenance expenses thanks to the sealing materials’ long service life

Our SIGRAFLEX® graphite foils and sheets

Various products made of SIGRAFLEX® foil

SIGRAFLEX flexible graphite foil stands out thanks to its exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. It is the first choice for sealing applications for long-term use at high temperatures – particularly in the petrochemical industry.

The refinery business also calls for sealing materials with guaranteed dependability including maximum oxidation resistance, even in extreme temperature applications. SIGRAFLEX APX2 foil oxidizes much more slowly than comparable products, even at 593°C (1099°F) and significantly extends gasket service life, increases process reliability and reduces costs on the long term.

SIGRAFLEX® BTCSS and BSSC graphite sheets

Our SIGRAFLEX sheet portfolio comprises non-reinforced (SIGRAFLEX STANDARD), reinforced, and impregnated graphite sheets. They can be reinforced with a variety of different inserts such as tanged stainless steel sheets, flat stainless steel foils or polyester films. Special impregnation improves the sheets with greater strength and gas tightness and gives them exceptionally scratch-resistant and non-stick surfaces.

Schematic structure of our reinforced sheets

SIGRAFLEX® packing yarns

SGL Group’s SIGRAFLEX carbon and graphite packing yarns are used worldwide in high-temperature and high-pressure braided packing applications.

Our product portfolio covers a wide variety of SIGRAFLEX yarns, several different coatings and sizings can be added to aid in handling, braiding and to effectively inhibit corrosion. SIGRAFLEX yarns provide many advantages exceeding e.g. the performance of organic fibrous materials:

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Outstanding chemical and thermal resistance
  • High degree of purity
  • Good mechanical strength
  • High compressibility and flexibility

SGL Group's yarn portfolio

SIGRAFINE® seal rings made of die molded
SIGRAFINE® metal sleeved rings for sealing
screw compressors

Carbon and graphite materials are put to a wide range of uses in the chemical industry thanks to their exceptional sealing properties. Many processes involve the pumping, stirring and transport of corrosive, toxic or explosive media. The pumps used have rotating shafts with axial seal rings which must dependably keep out gases or fluids with low hydrodynamic lubricity. We assist our customers with our long-standing experience in sealing applications and our extensive knowledge on materials with innovative, often tailor-made solutions – even in small production runs.

SIGRAFINE components specifically for dynamic sealing applications open up many possibilities and offer the following exciting properties:

  • Very good sliding characteristics for higher energy efficiency
  • Exceptional mechanical strength
  • High resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and thermal shock
  • Extended service life resulting in lower maintenance costs

Our SIGRAFINE® products for dynamic sealing applications

Supporting grids made of SIGRABOND®

Due to its unique properties supporting grids for structured packings can be from our carbon fiber-reinforced carbon SIGRABOND:

  • Low weight and easy handling
  • Corrosion-resistance – even at high temperatures
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Large clear flow cross-section with minimal pressure loss
  • High specific strength and fracture toughness

Moreover, the supporting grids are very easy to disassemble, and maintenance work can be carried via manholes. And don’t forget SIGRABOND's resistance to thermal shock – a major advantage over most ceramic and metallic materials. 

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