SIGRAFINE® seal rings made of die molded carbon

Products for dynamic sealing applications
in the chemical and petrochemical industry

Ball valve seal rings, bearings, guide rings, metal-sleeved rings, piston rings, seal rings, segmented packings and vanes

SIGRAFINE® seal rings made of die molded
SIGRAFINE® metal sleeved rings for sealing
screw compressors

Carbon and graphite materials are put to a wide range of uses in the chemical industry thanks to their exceptional sealing properties. Many processes involve the pumping, stirring and transport of corrosive, toxic or explosive media. The pumps used have rotating shafts with axial seal rings which must dependably keep out gases or fluids with low hydrodynamic lubricity. We assist our customers with our long-standing experience in sealing applications and our extensive knowledge on materials with innovative, often tailor-made solutions – even in small production runs.

SIGRAFINE components specifically for dynamic sealing applications open up many possibilities and offer the following exciting properties:

  • Very good sliding characteristics for higher energy efficiency
  • Exceptional mechanical strength
  • High resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and thermal shock
  • Extended service life resulting in lower maintenance costs

Our SIGRAFINE® products for dynamic sealing applications

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