Thermally conductive construction materials for construction and HVAC

Coarse and fine SIGRATHERM GFG graphite powder to be used as additive for enhancing thermal conductivity

SGL Group's expanded graphite product family comprises not only graphite foils and sheets of widely varying densities but also powders and granules made of pure graphite. Those are highly conductive additives increasing the thermal conductivity of several construction materials and enabling a significantly faster and more evenly heating and cooling of surfaces.



SIGRATHERM expanded graphite powders and granules can be used in a wide variety of construction and HVAC applications where electrical and thermal conductivity properties are essential. Typical applications of our SIGRATHERM powders and granules are

  • Electrically or thermally conductive plastics
  • Antistatic floor coverings and adhesives
  • Plasterboards for radiant ceiling installations
  • Plasters for wall heating systems
  • Firebricks used for stoves
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