Possible applications for textile products

We offer our customers application-specific advice in order for the individual materials to be applied to their full capacity. This allows us to meet our customers’ expectations by offering them custom-tailored solutions.

Significant advantages:

  • High mechanical properties, e.g. high strength and rigidity
  • Low weight
  • Easy processing
  • Customized dimensions
  • High fiber content
  • Compatible with different resin systems

Aerospace industry


Aircraft and spacecraft must be ultra-light and extremely stable – not only to withstand the forces of gravity but also to ensure maximum possible safety. Our product lines offer ideal materials for the realization of sophisticated designs in large or lightweight aircraft construction – for both primary and secondary structures.

Wind energy


Rotor blades for wind turbines are an example for an emerging market. These large components can have a length of up to 50 meters and yet weigh just 5 tons. In spite of extreme mechanical stresses, our products ensures many years of fatigue-free and weathering-resistant operation.

Civil Engineering


High mechanical strength and weather-resistance over periods of years and longer – these characteristic features of our components are in demand in the building industry. Our components are especially well suited for applications in which damaged or fatigued components require reinforcement and protection. In new construction or renovation projects, the service life of building structures – from bridges to facades, is extended in a cost-effective manner. And substance is preserved as well.

Mechanical engineering


SGL Group's semi-finished, carbon-based materials exhibit the key characteristics required for the development of modern high-performance machinery and systems. Minimum weight with maximum strength and rigidity; precise movements even under the influence of external acceleration forces.

Medical technology


Innovative solutions in the service of health. Our materials promote progress in the field of medicine. X-ray equipment with maximum strength and rigidity produces high-resolution images with minimum radiation exposure. Ultra-light, high-strength prosthetics enhance the quality of life.

Automotive industry


Creative international designers and engineers take advantage of the outstanding features of our semi-finished products to explore new dimensions in engineering design – in the development of cars, passenger ferries or high-speed trains, to cite only a few examples. Weight reduction pays off in significantly reduced fuel consumption, without sacrifice to strength and safety factors.



Higher, faster, farther. In modern sport vehicles such as speedboats, snowmobiles and paragliders, weight and stability are just as important as ergonomic and aerodynamic properties. High-performance, ultra-light products from SGL Group have proven highly effective in the field of sport vehicle construction. The developments realized in recent years are nothing less than fantastic. We can hardly wait to see what the future will bring.

Anti-ballistic technology


Low weight and high strength are the factors that make our products ideal for partners in the field of security. SGL Group's materials provide for reliable resistance to extreme energy absorption, enabling us to realize special solutions for personal and object security.


  • High-Performance Textiles - Textile Products in Carbon, Glass or Aramid Fibers
  • Multiaxial Fabrics and Braidings
  • Our Product Portfolio for Wind Energy

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