REFRASIL® Insulation Products

REFRASIL® Silica-Based Insulation Products

Our REFRASIL silica-based products have been specifically designed for high-temperature use. They are available in a variety of product forms: woven fabrics, woven tapes, non-woven blankets, bulk fiber, modules, papers, braiding yarns, and other specialty forms such as sleevings, ropes gaskets, and cords.

REFRASIL silica woven textile information:

REFRASIL textiles provide excellent thermal and acoustic protection. These high-temperature resistant textile products insulate and provide continuous protection in environment up to 982 °C (1800 °F), while maintaining their strength and flexibility.

  • REFRASIL “Irish” woven fabric contains a special coating that provides exceptional functioning when higher temperature performance, up to 1260 °C (2300°F), is required
  • REFRASIL non-woven felts are available in a specially processed version that provides higher resistance to residual shrinkage (<1%) and degradation in extreme environments.
  • REFRASIL products can withstand excursions to 1593°C (2900 °F) with minimal embrittlement and shrinkage.
  • REFRASIL products are available in > 96% silica content. They resist oxidation, most corrosive solutions and chemicals, and they present no known health hazard.
  • Applications for REFRASIL products range from welding blankets to satellite shrouds, firewalls to aircraft insulation, and furnace curtains to thermal couple insulation wrap.


  • Asbestos replacement
  • Resilient fireproof high-temperature insulator
  • Resists molten metal and radiant heat
  • Compatible with most chemicals
  • Low halogen content
  • High dielectric strength
  • Minimal smoke emission
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • No known health hazards
  • Amorphous structure
  • Cost effective

Application guide:

Maintenance and energy costs are reduced by using REFRASIL products in applications and industries where equipment downtime and fuel conservation are primary considerations. Some of these industries include shipbuilding and repair, power plants and utilities, metal fabrication, foundries, petroleum and petrochemical plants, chemical processing, nuclear energy, glass plants, appliance manufacturing, aircraft and aerospace, electronics and communications, heat treating and other areas where thermal insulation is essential to performance, safety and cost. 

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REFRASIL® Needle Blanket Insulation

Our REFRASIL high-temperature textile products include a series of needled insulation blankets made from silica to meet thermal and acoustic insulation requirements.

Our needled blanket products are recommended as cost-effective, health friendly, thermal solutions for temperatures ranging from 593 °C to 1149 °C (1100 °F to 2100 °F) . These insulation blankets are manufactured from Silica (93.5% silica) for temperatures up to 1093 °C (2000 °F).

Our silica-based blankets are also available in pre-shrunk versions to eliminate in-situ shrinking (less than 0.7% shrinkage at 1093 °C (2000 °F)).

The low shrinkage blankets are also 3-4 times stronger than typical RCF blankets.

Our blankets offer several advantages over competing blanket insulation materials such as: 

  • Zero shot content (blanket contains no un-fiberized particles)
  • Non-respirable (fiber diameter between 6-13 microns)
  • Binder free
  • Chemical resistant (silica and basalt blankets)
  • Contains no asbestos
  • Contains no ceramic refractory fiber (RCF)
  • High strength
  • Vibration resistant
  • Erosion resistant
  • Excellent acoustic properties (sound adsorption)
  • Non-water soluble
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