Specialty Graphites for Energy Storage

Energy storage systems are a key component in enabling the shift towards renewables making the energy revolution a success and ensuring the mobility of the future. With over 30 years of experience and an innovative product portfolio SGL Group is the preferred partner of leading companies worldwide.

Our specialty graphites meet the highest standards for quality, efficiency and environmental compatibility with their

  • High electrical conductivity
  • Exceptional resistance to highly corrosive media
  • Material purity
  • Low redox potential

This leads to an increase of performance and reliability of energy storage in a wide range of applications.

SIGRACELL® is the new brand name for all our specialty graphite materials for energy storage.

Anode material for lithium ion batteries

Our graphite anode materials are used in lithium ion batteries (LiB) for mobile consumer appliances, electric vehicles and energy storage systems for photovoltaic and wind. In order to spur technological progress even further, we invest in new generations of graphite-based anode materials and take active part in national and international networks. 

SGL Group is one of the largest manufacturers of LiB anode materials and plays a major role in the advancement of LiB technology.

As a member of the Lithium Ion Battery Competence Network (KLiB) we seek to strengthen Germany's competitiveness in this key technology. That’s why we are continuously working together with industrial enterprises and research institutions to improve battery cell performance, service life and safety.  

Our cutting-edge battery lab creates tailormade material solutions for our customers and development partners. It enables us to develop and characterize new materials using particle engineering and working according to industry standards.

SIGRACELL® carbon and graphite felts

Redox flow batteries enable energy storage on a scale of kWh to MWh and provide the perfect solution for stationary applications. They are well-suited as temporary storage for grid stabilization, industrial back-up power, integration of renewables such as wind and photovoltaic as well as off-grid power supply for mobile radio transmitters and remote households. The main advantage of redox flow batteries is that they separate output (MW) and energy (MWh). The two can be adjusted independently of one another and are easily adaptable to the specific requirements at hand.

SGL Group ranks among the leading manufacturers of specialty graphites and graphite components for redox flow batteries.

We have applied our long-term experience and close cooperation with customers to develop special materials and products for energy storage: SIGRACELL battery felts and bipolar plates made of expanded graphite. Continuous improvement of our materials has significantly enhanced the performance and service life of our customers flow batteries.

Low cell resistivity and high electrolyte permeability are crucial factors for flow battery electrodes. Accordingly, the contact resistivity of the bipolar plate and felt electrode, as well as the permeability of the felt electrode largely depend on surface pressure and felt compression, and can be controlled by the compression rate: As the compression rate increases, resistivity decreases, as does permeability and vice versa.

Inhomogeneity in the battery felt can lead to impermeable areas reducing the overall performance of the system. Therefore SGL Group is continuously working on tighter tolerances for area weight and thickness of our battery felts. This enables our customers to optimize the compression rates to ensure the best battery performance possible.

Application-specific specialty graphites for redox flow batteries

SIGRACELL® bipolar plates made of graphite composite material

Specialty graphites play an important part in advanced batteries of all kinds. These include high-temperature batteries such as sodium sulfur and sodium nickel chloride batteries, as well as advanced lead acid batteries. In this context, specialty graphites are used as permeable electrodes, bipolar plates or active masses.

SGL Group’s combination of application-oriented research, extensive knowledge of materials and expertise in process technology make it the partner of choice in carbon components for energy storage.

All material development work starts with a well-founded understanding of the physical and chemical principles which determine the material’s subsequent use. SGL Group has its own energy laboratory with experienced specialists at its main technology and innovation research center, and works in close cooperation with leading universities and institutes. This allows us to incorporate new findings in the field of electrochemical energy storage directly into our material development.

The key to the top product quality we provide for battery applications is experience in selecting suitable raw materials. Our broad material base, long-term partnerships with suppliers and constant quality control measures ensure high-grade battery materials in tight tolerances. The continuous optimization of our processes puts us in a position to steadily improve quality and performance.

Specialty graphites for advanced batteries

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