Products for advanced lead-acid batteries

Additives, battery felts, bipolar plates, and graphite foils

SIGRACELL® DCA-Performance additives

Specialty graphites play an important part in advanced batteries of all kinds. These include high-temperature batteries such as sodium sulfur and sodium nickel chloride batteries, as well as advanced lead acid batteries. In this context, specialty graphites are used as permeable electrodes, bipolar plates or active masses.

The combination of application-oriented research, extensive knowledge of materials and expertise in process technology make SGL Group the partner of choice in carbon components for energy storage.

All material development work starts with a well-founded understanding of the physical and chemical principles which determine the material’s subsequent use. SGL Group has its own energy laboratory with experienced specialists at its main Technology & Innovation research center, and works in close cooperation with leading universities and institutes. This allows us to incorporate new findings in the field of electrochemical energy storage directly into our material development.

The key to the top product quality we provide for battery applications is experience in selecting suitable raw materials. Our broad material base, long-term partnerships with suppliers and constant quality control measures ensure high-grade battery materials in tight tolerances. The continuous optimization of our processes puts us in a position to steadily improve quality and performance.

Specialty graphites for advanced batteries

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