Cathode block for the aluminum industry

SGL Group sells off its cathodes, furnace linings, and carbon electrodes business.

As of November 2nd, 2017, SGL CFL CE GmbH and its subsidiaries (referred to collectively here as “CFL CE“) are no longer part of the SGL Carbon SE Group but independent companies. Until CFL CE creates its own website, information on CFL CE and its products will continue to be displayed here temporarily at the sole responsibility of CFL CE. SGL Carbon SE and its affiliated companies therefore assume no liability for the contents and statements appearing here.

SGL Group sold its cathodes, furnace linings, and carbon electrodes (CFL CE) business to funds advised by Triton.

Cathode Blocks

Cathode blocks are used in the lining of aluminum electrolysis cells. Sidewall blocks and ramming pastes round up the cathode product portfolio - providing complete custom-made solutions to optimally fit the requirements in the Aluminum Smelter.

We offer the complete product range from amorphous, graphitic and graphitized cathodes. In addition, the Technical Service provides professional and highly qualified support around the application of cathodes, sidewalls, ramming pastes in customers' processes.

The continuous development of next generation products supports optimal solutions to the increasing challenges in the smelting process such as cell life, productivity, and energy efficiency.

We are the leading Aluminum producers.

1. Cathode blocks
- amorphous
- graphitic
- graphitized
2. Sidewall blocks
- amorphous
- graphitic
- graphitized
3. Ramming pastes
- cold ramming paste


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