RECAFIL® Recycled Carbon Fibers

The recycling of carbon fiber material is of increasing importance for producing fiber composite components suitable for mass production. Our Joint Venture SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers has developed an innovative recycling process which makes a recirculation of valuable carbon fibers into the production process possible and thus closes the material cycle. The development of RECAFIL recycled carbon fiber material simultaneously establishes a new material class.

Our RECAFIL recycled carbon fibers are available as 50k rovings or as so-called carbon fiber flocks.

RECAFIL 50k carbon fiber rovings are based on polyacrylonetrile (PAN) precursor and supplied as single tows off spools.

RECAFIL carbon fiber flocks with about 92% carbon fiber content and an average fiber length of 230 µm can be used as an additive for producing antistatic or electrically conductive materials.

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