SIGRAFIL CFRP wet friction materials for automotive applications

Carbon-Based Wet Friction Materials for Automotive Applications

SIGRACOMP® CFRP Friction Materials

CFRP wet friction materials consist of woven carbon fiber embedded in a synthetic matrix system. Thermosetting plastics are used mainly to serve as a binding constituent. Our CFRP materials show excellent performance in wet friction applications.

SIGRACOMP® C/C Friction Materials

Carbon/Carbon wet friction materials are composed of woven carbon fiber with a pyrolytic carbon binder produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of hydrocarbon gas. The carbon binder holds the fibers together but is porous to allow oil flow. The woven surface provides natural oil flow channels.

Major Benefits

  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Very low wear over lifetime
  • Constant CoF over lifetime
  • High misuse/ friction energy capability
  • Good green shift ability
  • Broad oil compatibility


  • Transmission synchronizers
  • Slip differentials
  • Torque converter clutches
  • Wet brakes and clutches
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