Composite components for the automotive industry

We manufacture high-quality components made from carbon and glass fiber-reinforced plastic for the automotive industry. These extend from structural components to modules and hang-on parts to composite leaf springs.

Due to the continuous development of technologies and processes, we not only meet the demands of our customers, but set new standards in terms of technology and quality.


The continuous improvement of the current process chain and the development of new production systems guarantee advancement in technology and quality.


We produce structural components for the automotive industry that conform to the highest requirements for mechanical stress and crash behaviour while simultaneosly reducing vehicle weight.

Innovative solutions, such as the suitability for KTL coaching, are an example of the future potential for products with multi-material designs.

We supply the automotive industry with design components that meet the highest surface and visual requirements, whilst adhering to both the relevant vehicle requirements as well as the complex assembly of the entire system.


We supply the full value chain from the development to the production of GFRP leafs prings. A composite leaf spring design implements a weight saving potential of over 50% when compared to steel equivalents. We present ourselves as a partner for the full system development of transverse leaf springs, integrated into suspension modules, for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, as well as longitudinal leaf spring applications for pick up trucks.


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