The Markets of the SGL Group

The SGL Group has a wide product portfolio which extends from amorphous carbon to high-purity graphites, and from carbon fibers to composite materials and components. This BROAD BASE enables us to supply BEST SOLUTIONS to a large number of markets.

Wind Energy

Our Applications

Carbon brushes are very important functional components of wind energy generators. They are used as electrical contacts for power transmission. Our portfolio ranges from carbon brushes and brush holders to brush rockers and slip rings. Our carbon products are notable for their exceptional properties and meet stringent requirements for reliability, robustness, and service life.

Wind power is contributing an ever-growing share to the mix of fossil and renewable energy sources. Not only is the number of wind turbine plants continually increasing but also the rotor diameter. Blade lengths of 60 meters have long been a reality and lengths of 70 and even 90 meters are planned. To produce these giant, highly stressed structures, composite materials combining high strength and stiffness with light weight are required.

The innovative specialty products from SGL Group can be used to produce a new generation of rotor blades that sets new standards in performance yield, longevity and rotor dynamics. Our range includes carbon fibers and semi-finished products made from glass and carbon fibers, such as prepregs and dry multi-axial fabrics specially developed for rotor blade manufacture.

We are the only company with expertise in all processes from fiber manufacture to composite and compound production and are the first manufacturer to have 50K multifilament carbon fibers accepted by Germanischer Lloyd.