The Markets of the SGL Group

The SGL Group has a wide product portfolio which extends from amorphous carbon to high-purity graphites, and from carbon fibers to composite materials and components. This BROAD BASE enables us to supply BEST SOLUTIONS to a large number of markets.

Construction and HVAC

Our Applications

Wherever electricity is produced, transported or used, electromagnetic fields are created. The extent to which such fields have become part of our everyday lives has been impressed on public consciousness more than anything else by the controversial debate over possible health risks from the nationwide installation of cell phone networks. With EMI shielding construction materials made from expanded natural graphite such as ECOPHIT® granules from SGL Group, pollution from electromagnetic fields in building interiors can be almost completely avoided.

One of our Best Solutions: EMI shielding plasterboard from Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH

Buildings are often protected from electrosmog by lining the interior walls with electrically conductive materials such as aluminum foil, copper gauze or suitable wall paints. But this can give rise to high-intensity radiation interference outside the building due to the reflection of the electromagnetic radiation. The same risk is posed inside buildings as a result of reflected radiation from cordless phones or W-LAN routers. Absorbent construction materials like graphite-modified plasterboard avoid these pollution peaks and ensure almost complete elimination of pollution by environmental electrosmog.

Source: Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH

Key features at a glance:

• Protection from high- and low-frequency fields
• Up to 99.999% reduction of radiation load
• Shielding effectiveness of up to 40 dB
• Additionally improved thermal conductivity

SGL Group in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH and the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Plastics and Composites Technology (Steinbeis-Transferzentrum für Kunststofftechnik und Verbundwerkstofftechnik) has developed ClimafitTM Protekto graphite-modified plasterboard for electromagnetic shielding of buildings. This plasterboard contains expanded natural graphite granules (ECOPHIT®), which are added to the gypsum plaster to make the plasterboard thermally and electrically conductive. Radiation hitting the graphite granules is converted into electric current and heat and in this way absorbed. The addition of graphite does not change the familiar good product advantages of plasterboard. Stability, moisture equalization, acoustic damping and fire protection properties remain uncompromised.

In the construction of new buildings or renovation of existing buildings, energy-saving measures are increasingly important and in demand. When ecofriendly yet economic heat generation is required, surface heating is the solution of choice for building contractors. It is very efficient and can also be ideally combined with alternative energy sources.

A further increase in efficiency can be achieved through the use of ECOPHIT® construction materials from SGL Group. Expanded natural graphite – integrated into existing systems – ensures optimum heat distribution. In addition, ECOPHIT® permits the development of new, future-oriented systems for heat distribution and thermal energy storage – while at the same time contributing to sustainable protection of the environment and resources.

Surface heating systems such as underfloor or wall heating are not alone in radiating comfortable warmth. Stoves, too, ensure a pleasant room climate with all the advantages of surface heating, such as avoidance of drafts, reduced dust generation and high efficiency. Today, a thermal mass stove, such as the traditional tiled stove, is a modern heating system that produces long-lasting stored and radiant heat with almost 90% efficiency. By using furnace bricks containing ECOPHIT® granules, the energy efficiency of stoves can be greatly increased. The excellent thermal conductivity of the graphite shortens long heating up times and supplies cozy warmth very quickly. The new, patented composite material, consisting of fireclay casting compound and expanded natural graphite, absorbs and conducts heat much faster than conventional furnace bricks, while retaining the very good heat storage properties of fireclay.

Room surface heating offers a wealth of advantages over conventional radiator heating or air conditioning systems. Firstly, the room temperature and operating temperature of the heating system are close together. Secondly, drafts and dust swirls are prevented by using radiant heat. At the same time, surface heating systems are also very efficient. A comfortable room atmosphere or productive working environment is achieved with significantly lower energy consumption. Materials that promote rapid, even distribution of heat ensure further improvement in the heating and cooling efficiency of surface heating systems. ECOPHIT® graphite construction materials from SGL Group reduce the energy requirement of the heating system and increase the efficiency of the system as a whole.

One of our Best Solutions: High-efficiency cooling ceiling panels for Zehnder

Surface heating is becoming increasingly popular in building services engineering. Energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved as compared with conventional heating or air conditioning systems. In addition, surface heating systems work excellently with renewable energy technologies such as solar or geothermal heating. With ECOPHIT® materials from SGL Group, the efficiency and response time of surface heating systems are further improved.

Source: Zehnder GmbH

Key features at a glance:

• Energy savings of 30% and more
• Excellent in combination with renewable energy technologies
• Comfortable room atmosphere, productive working environment
• Very fast response times

On the basis of this innovative material, the Zehnder Carboline system was developed with Zehnder GmbH. From the initial concept to market readiness, the development process took just two years. Each individual high-performance radiant panel of the system has a core of expanded natural graphite. Together with copper meander tubing firmly embedded in the graphite layer, the material ensures excellent heat transfer and outstanding performance values. The radiant panels can easily be integrated into existing or new louvered and strip louvered ceilings.