Lexicon of Materials - D

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  • Material: Synthetic resin-impregnated, gas- and liquid-proof graphite
  • Advantages: High thermal conductivity combined with high corrosion resistance to a large number of aggressive media
  • Operational reliability: Approved design meeting AD specifications for pressure equipment

See also: Process equipment graphite

Technical system for destruction and treatment of health or environmentally hazardous substances (e.g. HCFC oder chemical process gases). The treatment happens thermally but without a flame in the pores of a porous structure.

DURABON® baked carbon differs from DIABON® graphite mainly in its low thermal conductivity (4 to 6 W/mK) and great hardness. Compared with graphite, its tensile and flexural strength values are some 20 % higher and its compressive strength is 50 % higher. Like graphite, DURABON hard burned carbon is rendered impermeable by resin impregnation. In this impermeable form, it is used in the construction of thermally insulating, corrosion-resistant linings for columns and vessels, as well as for abrasion-resistant pump components.

This class of materials contains ungraphitized carbon (hard carbon with small crystals), graphite and graphite containing carbon (hard carbon with graphite content) and has a high anisotropy. These materials offer an extremely wide property profile with regard to mechanical strength, friction and conductivity, which can be even further enhanced by impregnation with resins or metals.

Special materials can be processed economically in large quantities by pressing components close to their final size (press-to-size technology).

The material is mainly used for mechanical applications e.g. in chemistry, energy, mechanical engineering or the automotive industry.

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