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Surface Heating and Cooling System with ECOPHIT®

ECOPHIT® not only distributes heat quickly and evenly, but the graphite is also very light-weight and non-flammable.

Due to these advantages, the surface heating and cooling system “Zehnder Carboline” clearly sets itself apart from the competition using SGL Group’s innovative material.

The system was awarded first prize at the "CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2011" as an energy-saving, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly product.
The CIBSE Building Performance Awards honor, reward and celebrate the best performance, innovation and practice in the construction industry: people, teams
and projects. They look for genuine, quantifiable performance, not just design plans or performance specifications.

Many years of know-how from Zehnder and the innovative ECOPHIT® material from the SGL Group, which combines high thermal conductivity with minimal weight, come together in forming the efficient “Zehnder Carboline” surface heating and cooling system. This innovative material in the field of air-conditioning technology ensures ideal heat transfer and outstanding performance data.


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