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SIGRACELL® bipolar plates and battery felts

Specialty graphite for flow batteries for the storage of renewable energy

Flow batteries store electrical energy by following the electrochemical principle. They are particularly suitable for autonomous energy supply systems in areas without individual power supply, e. g. remote farms or mobile radio antennas in India, as well as for the storage of energy generated by photovoltaic systems or wind power plants.

SIGRACELL® battery felts are used as electrode material for anodes and cathodes in flow batteries. Due to their enormous surface area, high porosity and outstanding electrical properties, SIGRACELL™® battery felts facilitate an efficient charge exchange during charging and discharging.

In particular the bipolar plates are of vital importance to the properties of a flow battery. In order to keep the internal resistance of the system to a minimum, materials with good electrical conductivity are used. Owing to its outstanding material properties - such as electrical conductivity, chemical resistance and chemical tightness - SIGRACELL® bipolar plates are particularly well-suited for flow batteries.


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