Best Solutions

Light-weight components for automation industry

One of our Best Solutions: CFRP swivel module for KUKA Schweißanlagen

Lightweight construction materials characterized by low density combined with very high tensile strength, low thermal expansion and high stiffness are attracting con-
siderable interest in automation technology. Customers benefit from systems that run more quickly, dynamically and quietly, while giving rise to less downtime and maintenance costs.

Key features at a glance: 

• light weight

• high positioning accuracy

• high vibration damping

• excellent fatigue strength

• high acceleration and speed possible 

A swivel module made from carbon-fiber composite material was produced for KUKA Schweißanlagen GmbH in Augsburg. The module is used in a robot-as-
sisted press linkage system. To produce this CFRP module, a process based
on special vacuum technology was developed. The process enables consider-
able cost savings to be made. Besides this technology, various other processes
are used by SGL Group to produce swivel arms and other types of manipulator
such as T-grippers or bars.