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Carbon Fibers for car construction – The technology to come

Clean, quiet, efficient: The automotive future lies in the electric car. We are actively participating in shaping it.

Within the framework of the joint venture we will exclusively supply the BMW Group with semi-finished products for carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) components. The approach of uniting as many stages of the value chain as possible under one common umbrella is completely new. The carbon fibers will be produced in Moses Lake, which has been under construction since July 2010 and should commence operations in third quarter 2011. This represents a milestone for the use of carbon fibers on an industrial scale in automobile construction.

The sustainability focus lies also on the production process. Thanks to ultra-modern technology, the facility in Moses Lake will be the most cost-efficient and the most environmentally friendly of its type. Since we can source the energy required for the production at this site in the North West USA from hydropower and therefore CO2-friendly, the new production facility will receive certification to the “LEED Gold Environmental Standard”. It will be supplemented by the second facility in Wackersdorf where we manufacture semi-finished textile products.