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ECOPHIT® Surface Heating and Cooling for the Greentowers

Green building certifications for the twin towers of Deutsche Bank

A comprehensive refurbishment program turned the twin towers into one of the world's most environmentally friendly high-rise building complexes. The so called Greentowers are the first building awarded the green building certifications LEED (Platinum) and DGNB (Gold).

On completion of this project, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the twin towers have been reduced by 55 percent. Among the measures contributing to this reduction are intelligent lighting systems and a new air conditioning concept, saving 67 percent in cooling and heating energy.

An important part of this new concept is an energy storage system for heating and cooling, which is based on heating and cooling ceilings with ECOPHIT® light-weight construction panels and concrete core cooling.

This combination exploits both the storage capacity of concrete and excellent heat transfer properties of ECOPHIT® lightweight panels. Water is cooled with the cost-free assistance of the night cold. During the night, this cool water passes through the ECOPHIT® ceiling elements, which are in contact with the concrete ceiling. In this way, the cold is transferred into the concrete, where it is stored. The next day, the system absorbs the thermal energy generated in the office into the precooled concrete, without additional energy being consumed.

* PCM: Phase Change Materials


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