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ECOPHIT® Surface Heating and Cooling for the Solar Home

„Building Of Tomorrow“ at Solar Decathlon Europe

With their “Building Of Tomorrow”, the competition team IKAROS Bavaria from Rosenheim, one of only four teams from Germany, took part in the international university contest in Madrid. The house won the second place at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 in the overall ranking - and first prizes in the individual contests of “Electrical Energy Balance” and “Appliances and Functioning”.

The solar cooling system is supported by ECOPHIT® PCM/ graphite composite materials as storage media which use the natural temperature difference of outside air between day and night as energy source for room air conditioning: In summer, the PCM absorbs heat loads during the day and re-emits them to the outside air in the cool night. In winter, the PCM stores the daytime energy of the solar radiation and re-emits it during the evening hours and at night to the interiors.

Picture source: Team IKAROS Bavaria, University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim/Germany