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SiC tubes with CARBOGUARD® wrapping for heat exchangers

Transfer of carbon fiber wrapping technology to SiC tubes – extra protection and reliability for SiC heat exchangers

For demanding applications involving highly corrosive media, BU PT supplies tubular heat exchangers with silicon carbide (SiC) tubes.

SiC tubes are extremely resistant but can be overstressed and burst in the event of faulty system operation. When a tube ruptures, the process fluid (such as strong acid) gets inside the heat exchanger and the shards are also introduced into the process. This can severely damage the entire heat exchanger.

The solution: reinforcement of the tubes with carbon fibers. This technology, known as CARBOGUARD, has been used with graphite tubes for years and has now been successfully applied to SiC tubes.

Bursting trials show that although SiC tubes wrapped with CARBOGUARD do receive a hairline crack when subjected to stresses beyond their load limit, they remain intact as a cohesive whole, so preventing, for example, serious uncontrolled leakage. This allows a system to be shut down in a controlled fashion if a tube breaks, without the heat exchanger or other system components being damaged.

With CARBOGUARD technology for SiC tubes, we can ensure extremely safe and reliable operation for our customers and so significantly increase the benefit to customers of SiC heat exchangers.