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SGL Group has a global structure with 32 production sites throughout the world. 17 of these sites are in Europe, 8 in North America, and 7 in Asia. The Company also has a service network covering over 100 countries. With the development of new sites, we are systematically adapting ourselves to the march of globalization.

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About 70% of SGL Group staff are employed in Europe. With the “Technology & Innovation Center” in Meitingen/Germany we are focusing our entire global research and development activities at our biggest site worldwide. This allows us to generate synergies and promote innovations. The main headquarters is in Wiesbaden/Germany.


North America

The availability of clean, renewable hydropower and competitive energy costs are essential factors at the site selected by SGL Group. At our site in Moses Lake/Washington we are producing carbon fibers for use in BMW’s i Series vehicles. The energy required for the production is sourced by hydropower and therefore CO2-friendly.
The headquarters North America is in Charlotte/North Carolina.



With several sites SGL Group serves the Asian market. In countries such as China, Japan and India, materials and products are manufactured for the Business Units CFM and GMS. In this way, the more than 400 employees support the growth targets of the company in all crucial market segments. With a sales share of 27 % in the fiscal year 2016, Asia is the second most important region for SGL Group.


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Dr. Schnabel GmbH
Offheimer Weg 21
65549 Limburg
Tel: +49 6431 9106-0
Fax: +49 6431 9106-999

Plan approach

Dr. Schnabel GmbH, located in Limburg, Germany, became a part of SGL Group in October 2007. We have specialized in manufacturing top-quality paste-extruded PTFE products for more than 50 years. Our product line includes the following: Paste-Extruded PTFE-(POLYFLURON®)-Lined Pipework, Dip Pipes and Columns, as well as Paste-Extruded PTFE (POLYFLURON®) Bellows and Heat Exchangers made of Silicon Carbide material. These products are used mainly in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Process Industries around the world.

Dr. Schnabel GmbH is certified according to international ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems, to international ISO 14001 standards for environmental management systems, to international ISO 50001 standards for energy management systems, as well as to international BS OHSAS 18001 standards for occupational health and safety management systems.

Graphite Materials & Systems: