Corporate Citizenship

Sponsoring and donations as well as active involvement of our employees are the components of corporate citizenship at SGL Group. As a so-called corporate citizen and a company acting responsibly, we aim to ensure that our charitable activities pursue transparent and uniform principles. We have set a standard which applies throughout the group in this regard with our policy for sponsoring and donations. This prohibits, for example, supporting any political activities by individuals or groups, and also any form of lobbying. It applies to all employees of the SGL Group, its subsidiaries, business partners and shareholders, as well as the members of its Board of Management.

The policy was revised in 2017 and forms the basis for the SGL Group’s local involvement. In line with our management approach, we pursue the target of promoting, in particular, projects which are linked to the SGL Group in terms of their location or issues, in order to present the company as a corporate citizen in the regions surrounding our facilities. The policy stipulates that charitable institutions, initiatives and projects that are dedicated to improving the quality of life should primarily be supported. The respective management teams at our various locations can decide to promote specific projects, initiatives, institutions or associations for up to EUR 5,000. Sponsoring and donations for larger amounts must be approved by the Board of Management and the Corporate Communications and Marketing department must be made aware of these. The policy also includes concrete award criteria as well as instructions for the operational implementation of donation projects which regulate the approach to be taken by employees at the locations. Proper implementation of the policy is reviewed with the help of an annual survey of CSR activities. There were no violations of the policy in the year under review. 

The Corporate Communications and Marketing department is responsible for performing and monitoring the sponsoring/donation activities. As part of the annual survey, expenses for CSR activities at all of the SGL Group’s locations are systematically recorded, reviewed and summarized in an internal report.

The SGL Group has production facilities on three different continents: Europa, North America and Asia. This results in different circumstances, which are clear to see simply in the languages and cultures. The community activities we are involved in are equally diverse and often characterized by a strong personal commitment from our local employees. The activities range from community involvement, such as in the area of education, to supporting the local economy to fostering sports and cultural institutions.

In 2017 a little less than EUR 90,000 was donated to more than 80 projects. The primary focus at more than 60% was on social activities, followed by education (19%) and sports (14%).

A further key issue last year was once again promoting scientific research. Activities in this area are controlled by our global group research. We award a number of prizes to provide scientists with incentives and to promote the discovery of new applications for carbon. During the period under review, the SGL Group Award was issued for the best thesis at the faculty of engineering at the Technical University of Munich, the Swabian Scientific Prize in Augsburg and the bi-annual Utz-Hellmuth-Felcht-Award for excellent scientific and technical developments for carbon and ceramic materials.

As a co-founder of the “Initiative Junge Forscherinnen und For-scher e.V.” (IJF – Initiative for young researchers), SGL Group also offers comprehensive support for scientific education – from nursery schools through to universities. In 2017, SGL employees again supported the initiative with donations and active participation in the form of excursions. Promoting university education is also a key issue for SGL. For example, last year we once again supported different universities, for example the Technical University in Munich, the Technical University Nanyang in Singapore and the Scientific-Technical University in Krakow.


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