SGL Excellence

 Our company-wide philosophy, SGL Excellence, creates customer value and enhances the competitiveness of SGL Group. It is our way of translating our Broad Base into Best Solutions using Six Sigma and Lean as the core methodology.

SGL Excellence contributes to the success of SGL Group by developing our best people to promote a customer and results-oriented culture through the establishment of high-performance processes in all business areas, across boundaries and beyond conventional wisdom.

SGL Excellence focuses on four areas:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Commercial Excellence
  • Innovation Excellence
  • People Excellence

Operational Excellence improves safety, quality, and efficiency in manufacturing, supply chain and business processes in an environmentally sound manner.

Commercial Excellence focuses on increasing customer value and enhancing profitability by improving strategic decision making in all commercial processes.

Innovation Excellence enables efficient transfer of new ideas and solutions into profitable growth by focusing on the real customer needs. It catalyzes the expan-
sion and extension of our capabilities with emphasis on new technologies, products, processes, and services.

People Excellence is the foundation for success in Operational, Commercial, and Innovation Excellence. It is our platform to develop and enhance the leadership skill set of our top talent.

The Executive Committee and the entire Management of SGL Group are fully com-
mitted to provide leadership and resources to encourage a culture of change and to foster continuous and measurable process improvements in all areas. Every employee is expected to play an active role in SGL Excellence.