Business Unit Composites – Fibers and Materials

The Business Unit Composites – Fibers & Materials encompasses high-performance products based on carbon, glass and aramid fibers. In an exclusive range of growth industries, e.g. wind energy, sports equipment, automotive and aerospace, users benefit from our vast expertise in composite technology.

The quality management systems at our production sites are certified to ISO 9001:2008 with a global multi-site matrix certificate for the development, manufacture, and sale of polyacrylonitrile-based oxidized and carbonized fibers, intermediate composite materials, and fiber-reinforced plastics. Our production sites at Muir of Ord and Willich are additionally certified to the aerospace standard EN 9100:2009 / AS 9100 C / JISQ 9100:2009.

New Brand Names – From Fiber to Finished Component

From March 2015, the products of our Business Unit Composites – Fibers and Materials will be given new brand names and nomenclature. The branding structure will affirm the competence of SGL Group. But our materials will remain unchanged.

New Nomenclature

Unique Integrated Value Chain

Our process expertise covers the entire carbon composites chain – from raw materials (precursor), carbon fibers, textile products, prepregs and preforms to finished components in carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP). Manufactured in our own plants in Europe and North America, our carbon fiber forms the basis of the entire value chain of composite applications.