Lightweight and Application Center

Together with customers, we are developing lightweight solutions suitable for serial production in the newly established Lightweight and Application Center (LAC). We draw on our broad material base and process expertise across the entire composite value chain.

Occupying a floor space with more than 1500 m2, the LAC team supports customers in the development of innovative fiber composite structures and processes and in the production of prototypes and small lots of all kinds.

We are a solution provider for applications in automotive and aerospace manufacturing, the wind power industry, medical technology, and mechanical engineering. With our industrialization expertise, we help our customers develop innovative, cost-efficient solutions. The scope of the tasks being carried out is considerable. It ranges from simply brainstorming ideas to comprehensive joint design work with simulations and tests.

We develop and determine various and cost-efficient composite solutions for your application, based on

  • our materials expertise
  • process know-how
  • your requirements

From the idea, we create detailed CAD models. Our experienced construction team takes into account

  • process and material
  • layup and laminate definition
  • tool design

Based on your composite manufacturing process, we determine the technological boundary conditions, including

  • determination of material and
    process parameters
  • draping and forming simulation
  • impregnation and curing analysis

We verify and optimize your composite design by means of structural and mechanical requirements, focusing on

  • stiffness, strength and NVH
  • crash and fatigue behavior
  • optimized material utilization

We optimize your manufacturing process to enable a "first time right" prototype, taking into account a combination of

  • geometrical specifications
  • process parameters
  • functional requirements

On a floor space of more than 1000 m², your prototype will be produced on state-of-the-art equipment using our entire product portfolio

  • preforming and impregnation
  • prepreg processes
  • thermoplastics technologies

We verify the finished components in our internal composite laboratory, which means that the results can be immediately incorporated into the product development process. Our test methods include e.g.

  • material analysis at coupon level
  • non-destructive testing
  • structural component verification

Already during product development, we analyze and visualize the production process for the composite component and can plan large series as well as material flows. The main focus is on

  • up-scaling of manufacturing processes
  • factory layout
  • cycle times and equipment utilization
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Lightweight and Application Center


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