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Accessories made from CFRP for measuring technology and optics Accessories made from CFRP for medical technology Advanced batteries Aluminum electrolysis cells Automation and robotics Automotive and industrial gaskets Ballistic applications Blast furnace Braided packing technology Brake technology for aircraft Brake technology for cars Carbon fiber technology Charging Column support grids Compounds technology Continuous casting Crystal pulling Electrical discharge machining Electrical discharge machining (EDM) Electrical discharge machining (spark erosion) Electric heating of high-temperature furnaces Electromagnetic shielding in dry construction Electron beam evaporation Epichlorohydrine (EPC) Fiber optic technology Flat glas Flow batteries Furnace parts for high-temperature furnaces Gas injection and gas distribution Gas phase epitaxy Geothermal energy Heat distribution Heat-resistant textiles High-temperature thermoplastics Hollow and container glass Hydrochloric acid (HCl) Hydrofluoric acid (HF) Insulation for high-temperature furnaces Insulation material in automotive Ion implantation Isocyanates Lightweight construction for aerospace Lightweight construction for automotive Lightweight construction for racing sports Lightweight construction for sports equipment Lithium-ion batteries Making of cast iron Melting and holding processes Motor and generator technology Parts made from CFRP for mechanical engineering Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) Plasma etching Polysilicon Polysilicon production Polysilicon Production Powder metallurgy Preparation of Polycrystalline Silicon Pressure, centrifugal and railroad wheel casting Processing Solar Silicon Production of semiconductor encapsulations Production of silicon Production of wafers Pump technology for automotive Pump technology for mechanical engineering Recycling of steel Sealing of dry and mixed running Sealing of valves, flange joints and pumps Sealing technology for exhaust system and cylinder heads Sealing technology for mechanical engineering Sealing technology for submersible pumps Silicon production Steel production (Electric arc furnace) Stove construction in buildings Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) Surface heating and cooling Turbine rotor blades Vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) Yacht and boat building

Braided packing technology

Valve stems, drive shafts and other shafts are often sealed with braided packings made from carbon and graphite yarns. Braided packings provide an effective seal against liquids and gases and are used in many application sectors, such as the petrochemical and chemical industries, paper manufacture, steel mills and conventional and nuclear power stations.

Yarns from SGL Group ensure that the packings have a long service life. They are resistant to most chemicals, thermally stable and have high thermal conductivity, so that they can also be used at high temperatures. We can control the properties of the yarns through suitable choice of starting materials and processing temperature. Our carbon yarns have a carbon content of 95% - 99%. Our graphite yarns even have a carbon content of 99% and higher to ensure excellent chemical and oxidation resistance. They are abrasion-resistant and self-lubricating and exhibit outstanding resilience.